Friday, September 30, 2011

Buck the Man and live in Fantasyland

Live your Fantasy Internship Opportunity Information:

The world is what you make of it right? We are creators of our own reality. But sometimes I decide reality doesn't suit me and opt to live in a fantasy. Just as one can build their own reality, you could set-up you own fantasy. To an extent of course, and maybe not forever. Dreamers that are doers are what make fantasy a reality. So this is an attempt to build a fantasyland as a group and as individuals. More so it is a planned approach to improving on a fantasyland that already exists. This is why we seek out you smart, creative, positive, new graduates for this winter's adventure. If a tropical wilderness fantasy adventure sounds like your cup of tea then read on! (See Video Above for 2012 Trip featuring first ever Grant Winner, Sierra!)

Amazing things can happen in a land independent of time and money. You can explore passions you never fully had a chance to. When you are not to bogged down with the constraints on normal day to day life creative energy can really flow free. When you are completely free from these constraints is when magic happens. When magic happens people are inspired and this inspiration can build on itself and yield life changing experiences. I've seen it happen, and in the right environment it can be really mind blowing. It's Magic, simply put.

What is possible on a remote beach with ample time and a few tricks from modern technology? I've personally witnessed, naked surfing, fire hula hooping, music recording, parties with gallons of homemade whine, and goat and pizza feasts. I've heard true tales of, moon bows, 100 eggs, 100 lbs of chocolate, and heli-dropped Ice cream…What can you pull off!

(If you've read this far you have a good chance and thus should apply)
We expect a limited # of applicats due to the unique requirements thus if you fit you have a great chance)

The Place:
As mentioned the Fantasyland already exists with others living there right now, We're not just making it up. Its Kauai, the farthest west of the main Hawaiian islands. But more particularly, Kalalau Valley. A truly magical remote beach and valley at the end of a rugged 10 mile trail.(Google it) Its a popular overnight backpacking trip for tourists but more so it is a home for a hearty handful of far out inlaws. Most come and go for a month or so but a few wily ones make this unique spot their permanent home for years. This is difficult because technically it is illegal to stay there without a permit and permits are only for 5 days. By taking this trip you assume responsibility for your self, but I assure you that the risk of being caught and a fine will pale in comparison to the reward of an extended stay.

It its not such a community as one would envision from the movie, The Beach, but free standing individuals that come together for occasional shared meals and parties. Kalalau has the mystic and draw, as a semi permanent escape from society. Those who stay there are not so much completely shunning society, but feel that their alternative society is better. They would rather have no hot water or electricity to not have to deal with cars or phones or real jobs. Of course the biggest draws to the place are the natural beauty, the wholesomeness of the people and the shear magic that is witnessed there on a daily basis. A broad spectrum of 'Characters' live in the valley, but most are wholesome independent hippies. 'Bad people and worthless drainbows do find their way down the trail, but as the saying goes, the bad people eventually leave and the best ones always come back. A core group of amazing good young people who really 'made' the Kalalau experience are set to come back this winter, and We are set to make this fantasyland the best it can be.

This almost unbelievable grant has a purpose and reaches beyond typical opportunities.  It's hard to truly quantify the value of a life changing experience. However for most who spend time in Kalalau it is nothing short of that. The basic goal for the grant is sustain, grow and perpetuate this fantsayland and make it the best and it can be while protecting the pureness of the place. Great creative people are essential for this. Providing a setting for positive life changing experiences, requires creators, believers and sustainers.  Aside from this we hope to show that happiness can be achieved living simply in harmony with nature.  

Why don't I just go on my own to Kalalau? Of course you could just show up at the trail head on your own and make it into Kalalau Valley. But this 'Internship' is like a VIP pass to the inside. It will give you instant connections with the right people on the island to make an extended stay much more feasible and your fantasy easier to flow. Plus as part of an experienced team you will be able to do more and be more prepared. We had connections such as the boat drop, kayak, that make bringing in food and supplies for extended periods easy. Not to mention it will save you hundereds of $.

An evening Jam Session 

Should be a college student or graduate within the last 5 years.
At least 21 years of age
Must have some prior wilderness backpacking experience.
Must be healthy and able to live outdoors in a tropical climate.
Be positive and open to new ideas and helping others
Be doers not drain-bows
Be Available to travel from February 1, 2014 till April 2014

Preference will be given to candidates who:
Have profound interest in building a sustainable community
Are ready to bring their creativity to create fun for themselves and others.
Are sharing and giving and outgoing
Embrace the concept of fantasy.

How to apply:
Submit via email a photo of yourself and a 1 page essay explaining why you feel you would be a good candidate to live out your fantasies for 2 months on Kauai. Go into detail on why you would make a good 'character' to add to the dynamic scene and enrich the experience on the island. As I said this fantasy isle is filled with amazing and unique characters. You may want to mention some ideas you have for exploring your fantasies or just some fun activities you would like to pursue. Be creative. What does living out your fantasy mean to you? What would you want your fantasyland to be like. It is not a stretch to say that nearly anything is possible here. Essays will be reviewed for creativity, and the 'best fit candidates' will be interviewed. If desired a resume may be submitted with the essay and photo as well.
Submit all information via Email to
Please include your Phone and Email contact information!

If you've read this far you have a good chance and thus should apply.
We expect a limited # of applicats due to the unique requirements thus if you feel you fit you have a great chance.

Selection of Candidates and Logistics:
Essays with be reviewed by Kalalauans and candidates who blow our minds will be interviewed over the phone or in person. Candidates own questions can be answered in the interview as well. the Lucky 2 or 3 persons will be chosen hopefully by mid November. Then Candidates will buy their own plane tickets and the rest will be taken care of as soon as you land on Kauai. Oh and good food too. A fantasyland has no place for ramen noodles. Some of the best pizza, fish, and vegetarian food I've had has been made in Kalalau.

*Runner ups will get a weekend winter wonderland fantasy at the 2-mile high saloon in Leadville complete with candle-lit snow tunnel to the hottub!

Candidates for this grant should be physically and mentally prepared to commit to this lifestyle for the 2 month period. Participation for this trip is by your own free will with the grant functioning as a bonus. anything Mike Devloo and other donors provide is simply a bonus and in no way binding or obligatory for either party. Because of the 'free will' entry onto this trip, candidates are solely responsible for their own safety, health, and well being. Also the nature of this grant the candidates will have no obligation whatsoever to staying on the island or Kalalau or to any individual. In no way are Mike Devloo or other donors liable for any mishap, injury, or death that may occur while traveling on Kauai.

Myself and Others look forward to Responses from Amazing New Candidates!